30845 23 Mile Road
Chesterfield, MI 48047

1st Session Dates:   November 4th-December 23rd

2nd Session Dates:  January 6th-February 18th

3rd Session Dates:  February 25th-April 15th


All teams must have a deposit to ensure they are secured a spot in our leagues.

-A completed roster/waiver form must be filled out and turned in prior to your first game. 

-A $400 deposit must be made at the time of registration.  All balances are due by the first game.  

--Saturday and Sunday teams:  Certain age groups with numerous teams may be subject to a weekday game @ 5:00pm.  We will NOT reschedule a weekday game.  Please make your players and parents aware so arrangements can be made to attend, if applicable, a weekday game.


League Fees:

4v4                 $550/Team

7v7                $1,025/Team

9v9                 $1,300/Team

11v11             $1,700/Team

Individuals      $105


Session Information

                                                            4v4:  Saturdays Mornings


       6v6/7v7:  U8-U10 Boys and Girls - Sat Mornings - Early Afternoons



                                                         9v9:  U11-U12 Boys - Sunday Mornings



                                                         9v9:  U11-U12 Girls - Sunday Mornings and Afternoons



                                                         9v9 and 11v11:  High School Boys - Saturday Nights



                                                         9v9 and 11v11:  U13-U14-U15  Boys- Sat & Sun Afternoons



                                                         9v9 and 11v11:  U13-U14-U15  Girls - Sun Evenings



                                                         9v9 and 11v11:  High School Girls (JV & Varsity) - Saturday
                                                                                 Nights & Sunday Mornings



                                                         Men's Open:  Monday Nights



                                                          Men's Over 30:  Tuesday Nights



                                                         Womens's Over 30:  Wednesday Nights



                                                         Co-Ed Open:  Thursday Nights



                                                         Co-Ed Over 30:  Friday Nights